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Freewill - Which door will you choose


It's my decision until I change my mind!

I guess there's always been an ongoing debate about freewill vs destiny.  Do we make our own plans or has our life been pre-destined?

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John 3:16 - For God So Love The World


It's really not what you're thinking!

The trouble is, when we think about love we tend to think about the lovey-dovey gushy stuff or even sex.

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New World Order

New World Order

One World Religion, TIPP, Brexit, ISIS, Migration! 

What should we know and should we be afraid?  There has to be an explanation that's going to make sense...

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healing - laying on hands to heal the sick


Healing is not supposed to be a miracle!

When Jesus was walking about on the earth in 33ce, he did a great deal of healing. It was a bit like a calling card!

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money, twenty pound notes


Loving it is the problem, not making it!

God knows we need it to exist on this planet, but there is a catch! We're not supposed to rely on it, we're supposed to rely on God.

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Keep calm and have patience


Because we want it right now!

God can do the impossible, in every conceivable situation, but what are we supposed to do while we're waiting?

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