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Freewill - Which door will you choose


It's my decision until I change my mind!

I guess there's always been an ongoing debate about freewill vs destiny.  Do we make our own plans or has our life been pre-destined?

I believe God knew us before we were born (Psalms 139:13) and planned for us to do great things (Jeremiah 29:11).  Yet he knew when we would screw up and when we would succeed.

With this in mind, I reckon God wants us to be independent, yet dependent on him.  Independent to the extent that we know we are simply not machines and that we can use reason to decide which path to take or not take.

It seems there is a sense of freedom in doing something by ourselves, however as we get older and become more and more aware of our mistakes and failures, there comes a time when, if we've got our heads screwed on correctly, we'll realise that doing this life on our own isn't what it's cracked up to be.

God gave us freewill so that we could decide if we wanted to follow him.  He wants us committed to him, his Son, the Holy Spirit and his Kingdom.  I can't see why he'd want some 'toe-rag' living in eternity upsetting everyone - that wouldn't do, now would it!

I have to admit, if we were not given freewill what would be the point!  I believe that we are in training here on earth, in preparation for something quite spectacular that will be revealed in eternity and we're given a choice on earth - follow Jesus or follow satan.

Some people choose to rubbish Christianity but its only because no one has explained it to them and as a result, the enemy whispers nonsense to them like "You should listen to all that rubbish".  Freewill allows them to agree, or disagree and learn for themselves, just as you are now. 

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