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Christian Worship music now has rock concert status


It's not all about kum-by-yar m' Lord...

Everyone likes a nice tune, but what is church music and worshipping all about?

There are different ways to look at this, but here's my take on worship.

Hymns and the old classics are actually well constructed prayers that are sung and not spoken.  John and Charles Wesley wrote many of them back in the 1700's, which are still used today.

Modern worship can take the form of someone strumming a guitar to the full-on Hillsong experience, which is more like a rock concert, as shown in the above picture

Worship music can help people get in the mood for focusing on God.  But there is a fine line between worship and deliberate emotional triggering!

Personally I don't think that worship is for God.  I think it is something we need to do that helps us connect with God.  I don't see God demanding that we worship him and that he gets the needle if we don't.  I think that worshipping God has an affect on our souls and our well-being.

We are told in the Bible to worship God in Psalms 96:9.  For me, of course I worship Him, he created me and everything else around me, therefore I will worship as often as I can.

God expects us to worship him because he is the only being or entity worthy of worship - and we demonstrate our worship in many ways:

  • By singing
  • By speaking
  • By the way we treat other people
  • By living in an attitude of dependence on him and not money or 'man'
  • By giving our finances to Church (i.e. our community and those Christians around us, not the bulding or business of church!!!), which is God's mechanism to help us prove to ourselves that we're not dependent on money
  • By making offerings, giving gifts and alms for the poor

As you can see, there are various avenues we can take that show our reverence honour and respect for God.  The important thing to remember is that whatever we do, as long as God is at the centre, he's good with that.  You will know the right way to worship God.

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