Faith & Coffee on Online

nigel and liz maine


We know that this 'faith-thing' can be quite a difficult subject, especially as everyone knows something about it and it can create such an emotional force in some people that it can make us want to steer clear of it altogether.  But who does that one!

We developed this website to tackle some of the more common questions so that anyone could take a look and see where we're coming from before they decided to visit us.

Who will be hosting?

Initially it will be me (Nigel) and my wife Liz.


What will we be talking about; well, it's up to you!  It can be about any of the subjects we've listed on this website, any subject that's on your mind or simply log on and say hello.


We're planning to go live on YouTube very shortly, we have the cameras set up and we're just waiting for one last piece of equipment, we'll do some testging and we're off, so follow us on YouTube (Nigel Maine) or Facebook 'askaboutfaith' and you'll get notified when we're ready to 'Go Live'


We'll start with YouTube and then upload to Facebook.  We'll see how it goes and perhaps we'll invest in software that enables us to do both simulaneously.


In the 2011 census 37 million of us Brits ticked the box that said we were Christians, however, only 5 million Christians go to Church on a Sunday.  No one seems to know the difference between religion and faith and most people say they're all the same.  We've been around the block a bit and decided that if we do what we've always done we'll get what we've always got.  We're not connected to any church, we're not C of E or Catholic, so you could say we are non-denominational!  Read the articles and see for yourself.